London Fintech Podcast – Collateral Management, The Cloud and Scaling-Up Fintechs

CloudMargin’s CEO Steve Husk spoke to Mike Baliman at London Fintech Podcast and discussed “Collateral Management, The Cloud, and Scaling-Up Fintechs”. 

CloudMargin had the privilege of being invited to speak to London Fintech Podcast last week, where our CEO, Steve Husk discussed all things collateral management, the cloud and Fintechs.

Collateral management has been assuming an ever increasing importance in banking driven in large part by massive (and somewhat inconsistent across continents) regulatory changes as well as innovative approaches to IT being able to far more simply deliver firm-wide solutions rather than the formerly un-joined-up “per silo” basis. Its also been elevated from a back-office issue to a middle-office issue of importance to risk management and compliance.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

Topics discussed include:

  • History, relevance and irrelevance; continuous change and discontinuous change; how freedoms are always salami-sliced away
  • Current thinking amongst the cognoscenti that Central Bank independence may have past its sell by date and why…
  • Phase changes in growing Fintechs – startups, scaleups, adding structure; model of a relay
  • Structure in terms of teams in Asia, the US and Europe; partner strategies and focus
  • Knowing the market in order to focus
  • The relevance of Cloud in this context and pricing based on volume

And much more! Share and enjoy.

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