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CloudMargin and RAVN Systems Partner for Automated CSA Data Extraction

CloudMargin forms alliance with RAVN to handle the automated extraction of data from ISDA CSAs using the RAVN Applied Cognitive Engine (ACE)

CloudMargin, the world’s first cloud-based collateral and margin management solution has joined forces with RAVN Systems, experts in Enterprise Search and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions for automated CSA data extraction.

With this alliance,CloudMargin together with RAVN’s AI platform, known as the Applied Cognitive Engine (RAVN ACE), can handle the automated and secure data extraction of key terms from ISDA CSAs and other collateral agreements.

RAVN ACE joins elements of Artificial Intelligence and information processing to deliver a platform that can read, interpret, extract and summarise the content held within ISDA CSAs and other legal documents. It converts unstructured data into structured output, in a fraction of the time it takes a human – and with a higher degree of accuracy – enabling CloudMargin to increase the analytical efficiency of client legal documents and to focus on higher value work for CloudMargin clients.

The alliance between these two companies will combine two innovative, next-generation solutions that will in turn allow CloudMargin to take the next leap in information retrieval.

Peter Wallqvist, Managing Director at RAVN Systems commented: “RAVN Systems are delighted with the partnership with CloudMargin. Repeating our collaborative approach with domain experts in the legal sector, we will use CloudMargin’s expertise in business processes within financial services, together with RAVN’s expertise in employing its Cognitive Computing platform, to derive structure from masses of unstructured financial documents.”

Andy Davies, CEO and Founder of CloudMargin, added: “Many firms have tried to automate the CSA data extraction process over the years with limited success. RAVN has an outstanding proven pedigree in this space, having provided automated data extraction from a variety of documentation sources, including GMRAs, loan facilities, mortgages and leases. They have a stellar client base including BNY Mellon , Berwin Leighton Paisner and a host of other top 20 law firms. Our partnership with RAVN leverages their expertise to solve the significant documentation management problems our clients have and I’m delighted to begin this relationship.”

About RAVN Systems
RAVN Systems has a combined experience of 75+ years in Unstructured Data processing and offers revolutionary, search-based and cognitive computing solutions for any information intensive vertical. RAVN’s expertise and solutions deliver long-term value, competitive advantages and help manage and mitigate risk through surfacing and harnessing the information contained within unstructured data.
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