As we entered 2022, I did so with a lot of hope for the world and our business. The latter has pleased me most!

My hope was born from what appeared to be a world recovering nicely from the Covid pandemic. Yes, it had left some deep scar tissue to the global economy, and we lost too many loved ones; but there were certainly many green shoots of recovery, and I believed the global central bankers’ narrative on inflation being transitory. I mean, why wouldn’t I? They are a thousand times smarter than I and have access to a lot of data to inform decisions.

I guess what they don’t have, though, is a crystal ball that alerts them to a volatile world leader who decides to launch a horrific and in my view completely unjustified war on the people of Ukraine, who appeared to be living a nice, peaceful existence and were no threat to anyone.

So now we end up in a year of 2022 which becomes quite reactionary to those events. The economic scar tissue deepens, and we have fast-moving fiscal and monetary policy shifting the outlook. As we approach the end of the year, it’s plain for all to see the impact that has had on all of us living our ordinary lives. Economic uncertainty, a cost-of-living crisis and all the unfortunate side effects those bring.

If you know of anyone struggling, if you see people acting desperately, I hope you will spare a thought and whatever else you can do for them. At any time, it is sad to see; at this time of year, it’s amplified.

As with any seismic event, this also impacts the business world. For us, we are fortunate that the economic conditions act as a tailwind to our business and story of helping clients evolve their risk management programs.  We are able to empower our clients by improving the robustness of collateral processing and the subsequent benefits of liquidity, cost and resiliency of their entire business through transparency, strong controls and the tremendous data and analytics our platform provides.

Our year in numbers is quite a positive growth story I’m pleased to share with you:

  • 3 Global offices – London, New York, Singapore
  • 24 New employees
  • 35% client base growth
  • 40 onboardings (and counting…)


Leading to…

180 groups now using the platform.


And it’s all because of our community of clients, who have also been very busy in 2022. The CloudMargin platform:

  • Was accessed in 52 countries
  • Handled $750 billion in inventory loaded daily
  • Enabled clients to process 800,000+ margin calls
  • Handled workflow for 45,000+ active agreements
  • Saw $1.5 trillion in collateral exchanged

And we’re always learning and improving our platform for you.


We proudly brought you:

Nearly 900 platform updates (that’s an average 4 per day!)


Thanks to all our existing and new clients for your support this year, to our amazing colleagues who make it all possible and pick up the occasional award as they go, and to our shareholders for their continued confidence and commitment.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.

Stuart Connolly
CEO CloudMargin


Watch our video CloudMargin 2022 in Numbers!


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